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2/11/05 07:34 pm - emma_princess - Fner.

I cannot eat tomato soup. I might as well stop eating. *cries* i cant do that! I love food...

Godammit. Stupid fucking food. they should invent food that means people like me can eat it. a cheese- less pizza that tastes good, a tomato-less tomato soup that isnt too sweet... Oh, some people.

11/25/04 09:36 pm - fairycupcake

only you could say that you are horny emma!

i don't have anyone to feel horny about...unless you count:
etc etc

am currently sitting here absolutely bored out of my brains. i think we need a girly sleepover. what does everyone reckon?

11/25/04 06:32 pm - emma_princess - Hey...

*sigh* I am so lonely, and horny, which is really annoying since no ones *points to Lisa* is here to do anything about it.
Ah well...

11/23/04 05:16 pm - fairycupcake - Welcome to the Groupies LiveJournal

So I have just basically set this up because there is nowhere that all of us (including the honorary groupies) can all be together and just talk/write...

So yeah, just write whatever you want in this journal. You don't even have to write in it, I just though it would be a good idea...

So drink, be merry and have a good time...

Oh, and if you do post on here, remember to change it to "thegroupieslj" where it says "post to:" (last little drop down menu thingy. Otherwise, it will post in your journal...hee hee...

Love cally xxx

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